Emergency Contacts

Important contacts to know in Singapore in case of emergency. Be advised that you should not misuse these telephone numbers. You many warrant a penalty if you misuse them.

# Personnel Hotline Number Notes
1 EMS, Ambulance and Fire Rescue 995 The SCDF provides round-the-clock emergency medical service (EMS) as well as emergency fire response and rescue.
2 Emergency Police 999 When seeking emergency assistance from the police, provide a clear account, type of emergency being reported, the caller’s name, contact details and the location of the emergency.
3 Non-Emergency Ambulance (Private) 1777 Dialing 995 for a non-emergency situation may be fined under Singapore law.
4 Non-Emergency Police Hotline 1 800 255 0000 For non-emergency cases requiring police assistance, caller can also contact the Neighbourhood Police Center.
5 Traffic Police 6547 0000 To enquire about ongoing case or bail related matters